Last update 5/7/2012

WordBridge is a game for the Microsoft XNA framework that I started development on in the summer of 2009. It’s a mix of Scrabble and Pipe Dream; the objective is to create a bridge across a river by connecting words together. The game is written in C# .NET 4, using XNA for graphics display and input capturing. Graphic design is done entirely by me using GIMP.

A tech demo of the game is available for download here: http://www.letxbe.com/WordBridge013.zip. This likely requires some level of install of the XNA or DirectX frameworks to run, but you should be automatically prompted.

Currently, this has been on hold for a year as I’ve been more interested in web development projects and practicing development in the OS X environment (being .NET this is Windows-only). I might pull it out and resume it at some point when I want to get back into Windows desktop app programming.

Here’s a current screenshot with my hand-drawn graphics circa spring 2012:


And some earlier versions from previous years:

WordBridge running in debug mode – under development


Concept Art

Solution explorer for WordBridge

As part of this project, I’m writing a Dictionary data structure that can be used to do quick lookups on validity of words. WordBridge currently uses this assembly to determine whether an arrangement of tiles on the grid is a valid word (or starts a valid word). I also have plans to expand this to other word-game uses like crossword puzzles and cryptoquotes eventually.

My current focus is on moving the game into a screen manager so it flows properly – adding a main menu, pause menu, and some instanced levels to make it into a real game. Another art refresh is definitely needed soon, but it’s getting there.

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