Last update 11/9/10

In my latest D&D campaign, I’ve been playing a Runepriest – a healer who also buffs his allies and debuffs his enemies. It’s pretty entertaining, but a little fiddly; there are lots of conditions to keep track of, and to make matters worse lots of conditions for the other players to keep track of.

At the helpful suggestion of our DM, I made a little iPhone web app that makes tracking these much easier:


It uses a little bit of jQuery and some hasty CSS to show a few of the most common conditions that we all have to track. The idea is that I can pull it up on my phone and prop the phone against the table so that everyone can easily see it.

It works only moderately well on a real browser – getting the heights of floating divs to be both %-based and perfectly matched up has eluded me so far. If you view it on a mobile device (ideally one that can show the page in full 4:3 with no title/status bars, like Atomic’s fullscreen mode), you’ll get the proper effect.

Runepriest app "rpghelper"

Example state - tapping on a zone toggles the three states, using a little jQuery .show(fast) animation

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