AJAX Shopping List

Last updated 5/13/2013

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One of my main projects during the past year has been a small web app that our family uses to manage our grocery list. It was originally written with just pure Javascript (no data model outside of the HTML view itself), but over the past couple months I did a total re-write into the AngularJS MVC framework. I’ve become a big fan of AngularJS for its ability to separate the data model from the view and greatly reduce the complexity of the Javascript that interacts with the DOM.

It’s been a great opportunity to practice with a variety of web development technologies and learn new things in a “production” project. Going through internal QA and deployment and having rigorous testing to avoid a potential wasted trip to the store is a nice real world trial for my solo dev processes.

I’m not sure how much more work I’ll put into this since it’s serving the need reasonably well so far… might try using a different data storage mechanism in the PHP, or implement more of AngularJS to increase the level of abstraction. New features are possible, too, depending on how fancy we want to get. It should be easier to add them now that I’ve got a nice separation of concerns in the new framework.

GitHub repo here: https://github.com/paradigm72/AJAX-Shopping-List

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