New 5k Record

I’ve been getting more into running again this summer, trying to really push myself after spending a couple years doing indoor stationary biking a lot more consistently to get stronger. I had previously been in my peak running shape around 2013 and slacked off in the years after that (the ‘second kid’ excuse).

Up at Camp Balsams there’s a great 4.2 mile loop around the lake which I like to run in the mornings, and I got a chance to do it twice in the 5 days we were there in June. That was really good practice to push for a longer distance and I managed to beat 9:00/mile never stopping to walk, though it was a slog.

Since then back at home I had a few runs slowly getting faster, and finally hit a major milestone earlier in this week, breaking my 5k personal record! I knew at the start after the first mile that this was probably going to be a record run; usually I’m slow early on until my body remembers how to pick up the pace a bit. This time my first mile was fast enough that all I had to do was hold that pace. I ended up getting a bit faster towards the end.

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