Three Years Of Updates

It’s been a super long time since I posted. I think it’s the second kid – the amount of free time really drops down when you don’t have free time when the one kid naps! Of course, it’s all been more than worth it.

Here’s a little glimpse into some of what’s happened in the last three years since 2014:

-I’m still doing much the same thing at work, but I’ve shifted back to a more individual contributor role, and not mostly management all the time. I still have a healthy mix. Ultimately, I get to feel like I really built something or solved a technical problem most days, and that’s the thing that keeps me motivated. So 2017 has been a good year at work as a result of this change.

-Evie is doing amazing. She starts kindergarten next week, and she couldn’t be more ready. Yesterday she used a little notebook and wrote a book about her life so far. No fear about any spelling mistakes, which is such a big improvement on confidence from even six months to a year ago. She’s an awesome kid and really fun to be around and play with. Her favorite new joke that she wrote all herself: “Why do cows love swimming in the waves?” – “Because waves are caused by the moooon.”. We just started watching Star Wars together and her excitement is a lot of fun.

-Grace is similarly lighting up our lives with her bubbly personality, kindness, and awareness for her age (3 and a half now). She is already a little mediator among all the family members, always sharing any food or toy she has, and often piping up just to say: “Daddy” or “Mommy”…. “I love you”. It just melts our hearts.

-I spent a lot of my free time the last three years playing Magic. As always, I get a lot out of having a cerebral hobby that I can really puzzle over all the time. I had a few good finishes which go on the ‘permanent’ record, which is cool. Also got one medium-sized tournament win which I saved the certificate for and framed. Overall, I won at about 55% which I’m happy with given that I seem to not really be a natural at it. It’s a bit on the downswing now with an increase in kids activities, and a diversification of hobbies in general. Not sure how much I’ll be into it going forward.

-I’ve been slowly getting into beer brewing; just made the third batch a couple months ago (Belgian Dubbel). It was ok – a little too hoppy, and we need a more consistent temperature and carbonation. But we’re not using any pieces of the Mr. Beer kit any more, so it feels more real. It’s fun to have something to improve on, and something that is a great conversation topic with lots of people in our lives.

Overall, things are going even better than they have any time in the past, especially with our little family of 4. Lots of positives and I feel very grateful for where we’re at in basically all aspects!

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