Shopping List Balsamiq

With the release of Angular 1.2 and a desire to keep practicing my web programming skills, I’m working on an upgrade to our Shopping List AJAX app to allow switching between lists. The use case is the need to have a succinct list for each store we visit, since we often have to sequence trips in parallel for various reasons. Having just a single list breaks down pretty quickly in that workflow due to lots of scrolling, or being unable to hit ‘clear’ without wiping out items from the other store.

Through lots of design time at work I’m starting to get passable at making mockups in Balsamiq, so I thought it would be a useful exercise to try taking the skill home. Here’s where I’m at so far (only have a few minutes here and there to work on it).

Still need a solution to the question of how to see all the items at once, which is an unusual UI interaction that seems like it would suggest some sort of “filtering” concept. Maybe a design with a single master list and a filter for each store (including a default filter) is the next one to explore.

On the technical side, I am still figuring out whether this is a good time to tackle switching the backend over from PHP to something a little bit newer and flashier. Simple file I/O was fine initially, but having two layers of tables seems like it will be a huge pain to do without a real database, and I’m not sure spending a bunch of time hacking together PHP + MySQL is really the thing to be doing in 2014. Looking instead for something that integrates nicely with the Angular $resource model, which I haven’t found yet.

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