Home Facade Sketch

On the way back from our evening walk today I snapped a photo and decided to do a little design mockup. We’ve been thinking about what direction we want to go with the front of our house to modernize it; this is a hodgepodge of many of our ideas so far.



After (my ‘artist’ rendering)

We are mostly looking for a way to add some contrast and get away from the drab gray/white/gray/black theme that’s going on right now. First priority is replacing the front door I think. We’ve seen a lot of doors we really like around friends’ homes and parade tours lately, and that seems like a good step that we can fit nicely into the overall plan.

I was trying out SketchBookExpress for this mockup, and pretty happy with it overall. For a free drawing app, it has the key features: layers, basic brush tools, and an eyedropper. Its cost about matches my level of graphic design skill, I think!

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