Asteroids Runner – first look

After a few weeks of work, I’m finally ready to put up an early prototype of a little game I’ve been working on. It’s a vertical scroller that you control with the arrow keys and spacebar (definitely doesn’t work on a mobile device at this point). Everything is pretty rough at this point, but the basic idea is there. You can play it here:

This is an exercise in using purely Javascript and HTML5 to make a game that’s portable to most platforms. Theoretically I can package it up so that it runs as an application anywhere. The only requirement is a fairly modern browser underneath (Internet Explorer 9 or later, equivalent for Chrome/Firefox/Safari).

It’s been interesting to learn a new Javascript framework and figure out how to program into it – the low-level graphics and input code is pretty much taken care of, so I get to spend all my time drawing graphics and writing the code for the behavior of each object. That’s turning out to be quite complex, particularly getting the input and movement of the player ship just right. There’s a lot of subtlety to getting it to accelerate/decelerate exactly right depending on the keyboard input.

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