Coda Trial

I had a little time this week to take another pass at OS X and thought I would give Coda another try given all the rave reviews I’ve read of it.

I had previously downloaded the 7-day trial a couple months ago and figured it would be expired, but I fired it up any way just to check and got a nice surprise:

It turns out the trial is “7 days of actual use”, so I wasn’t punished for being too busy to get back to it until now. I’m fairly impressed that Panic took this extra step to program a mechanism for tracking days of actual use, a feature which would only benefit demo users. Very nice sign of polish.


After a fair amount of tinkering and a few frustrations (there really should be guidance about what “Remote Root” means, since it’s really more like “Remove relative path”), I got everything connected the right way. The result on a 27″ screen once you figure out how to actually add 2 vertical splits is impressive:

HTML, CSS, Live Preview, Webkit inspector, and sidebar visible at the same time in Coda

This beats any setup I was previously able to piece together using text editor windows, Chrome, SourceTree, and CyberDuck. It gets very, very close to showing everything I need to do all my editing and testing on a single screen. There’s still some tab switching, but enough of the context is maintained that it preserves flow far better than rearranging windows.

Still a few days left to go on my trial – with a $75 price tag I definitely need to be as sure as possible that there aren’t any nasty surprises or incompatibilities. But so far I’m very impressed and leaning towards “buy”. Coda’s website is here:

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