Running Goals update: Fall 2011

Pace graph for my longest-ever run

This fall I bumped up my max distance from about 4 miles (where I was last year) to over 5.5! I didn’t quite hit my goal of a sub-25-minute 5k, but I did get down to 25:28 which beat my previous best by about fifty seconds.

Overall I feel like I had a fairly successful running season, with slow and steady improvement throughout the year. My trick for longer runs has been listening to hour-long podcasts to keep my mind off the monotony. That got me over the hump into the 5+ mile range, and I feel like I’m now limited mostly by calf and knee soreness at the end of the long run.

Switching to forefoot striking earlier in the summer was a big help too, since I ran into basically no foot pain all year. I highly recommend trying it, even if you want to use normal running shoes (I’m not running in any special shoes, although my current shoes do have nice padding under the ball).

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