Full Moon 5k

Today I ran a night race, my second official 5k. There were 500 runners, starting in a big mob at the beach and running around Monona Bay. I started near the back of the pack and passed maybe 50-100 runners by the time 3.1 miles had gone by.

My finishing time was about 26:50, which I was pretty happy with. Not my best time but not bad either. They used RFID chips attached to everyone’s shoes, so I guess I’ll get a more precise time (and my final position) published soon.

Despite the full moon, some sections of the course were almost pitch black where there was a lot of tree cover. It was interesting trying to avoid running into anyone when we could only see a few feet!

The race entry fee netted me a very cool green shirt:

My race number, running belt, and the new shirt. I didn't wear it tonight - stuck with my orange shirt so I'd stand out more.

Including walking out to the finish station and back before and after the race, my total distance traveled was about 6.5 miles. Not bad for an evening!

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