Soda + Keyboard

A couple weeks ago I had a tragic accident involving a soda bottle that got too cold, and thus way too carbonated. I made the mistake of starting to open it while sitting at my computer, and it went everywhere.

The damage pattern on the keyboard was particularly interesting, because it had little correlation to which keys actually got hit with liquid. The main parts of the spill hit the kl;’ and Insert/Home/Delete/End areas, but those keys amazingly worked after being cleaned. Sadly, many others did not.

Everything circled in red was nonfunctional even after cleaning with soap + water and drying:

Keys circled in red were nonfunctional after being hit with soda

Fortunately, this keyboard is easily replaceable at at Best Buy for now. I wonder if I should buy a few extras for when it’s inevitably discontinued and more unfortunate accidents happen. Somehow, buying extras of a piece of current technology to use in the future seems wrong, though.

In case your curiosity is insatiable, it was a diet coke + vanilla mix. And it was delicious.

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