Today was an interesting day for astronomers: the moon is both full and at its perigee (closest point to the Earth), creating a “supermoon”. There’s apparently a whole mythos surroundingĀ supermoons and the natural disasters they can cause.

The story going around the news this week is that this is the closest approach of the moon since 1993, setting tonight above normal every-other-year-ish supermoons (maybe creating a super-supermoon?). I’m not sure of the exact science but supposedly tonight’s moon isĀ 14% brighter than the average full moon.

New telescope pointing at the moon

We got out the Newtonian telescope on the deck and checked it out – very good first use. We were able to see many of the craters really well, and get a much better science of the size of some of the rock formations there. It’s a little scary to see such massive chunks taken out of the moon and imagine what would happen if the Earth had an impact that big.

Too bad we can’t really see much else from our backyard in the city!

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