Windows 7 + Chrome: Trick to create application shortcuts

I posted a few months ago about Google’s push to make web apps easier to use and feel cleaner, but apparently I missed a key feature that’s been around in Chrome for a while: Tools -> “Create Application Shortcut”.

It allows you to pin a website to your Windows taskbar, which is great for getting there quickly, but more importantly, when you launch a site using this icon, you don’t get any of the browser controls like the address bar, bookmarks, or tabs:

Pandora running from an application shortcut

Since I hate having persistent apps run inside a browser window, this has become one of my favorite features of Chrome. I already have a few of my most-used sites set up this way.

It feels like a useful way for developers to get the advantages of a web app (easier updating, easier deployment) without forcing your users to live inside a browser window and see constant reminders that they are working with a compromise.

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